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Voyage of the Dragonqueen #1 Cover by SirBronson Voyage of the Dragonqueen #1 Cover :iconsirbronson:SirBronson 4 0 The Bouncer by SirBronson The Bouncer :iconsirbronson:SirBronson 0 0 Glory to Mankind by SirBronson Glory to Mankind :iconsirbronson:SirBronson 7 0 The Host by SirBronson The Host :iconsirbronson:SirBronson 1 0 Mal by SirBronson Mal :iconsirbronson:SirBronson 3 1 Behind the drapery by SirBronson Behind the drapery :iconsirbronson:SirBronson 2 1
Voyage of the Dragonqueen: Ghost in the Machine #5

"L'Uomo Vitruviano"
He explained that he was one of the lead researchers on a black project conducted by Saeder Krupp. The goal was to explore ways of breaking the barriers of cybernetics and metahuman integration, to create a fully cybernetic body unfettered by biological limits integrated with a metahuman operator. Metahuman intelligence and ability to improvise and adapt with none of the drawbacks of excessive cybernetic integration. The initial concept was for this cyberform to be remotely controlled by an operator, controlling it like he would his own body. Through its various iterations, this project and its product was named "The Vitruvian Man" or internally, as V.M.

"Geist und Gestalt"

The development of this cyberform would start running into a dead end, after lengthy experimentation the results yielded an insuffi
:iconsirbronson:SirBronson 1 0
When someone talks shit about your waifu by SirBronson When someone talks shit about your waifu :iconsirbronson:SirBronson 4 0 Casual Gouma by SirBronson Casual Gouma :iconsirbronson:SirBronson 5 1
Voyage of the Dragonqueen: Ghost in the Machine #4

"Once you receive their, call I'll know it"
Though the crew had once again walked away with a successful mission on behalf of the Johnson it would be not long ill they'd be called back to duty. The following day in fact. During the previous mission and the one before they had received a mysterious call on the burner commlink given to them by the Johnson with which they would report back to him. This call however did no seem to come from the Johnson, the signal was inconsistent, unintelligible and difficult to trace. The Johnson was convinced somebody was intruding his communications and it needed to be dealt with. The party would receive the call and keep the caller talking while its origin would be traced on Johnson's end. Plan worked as intended, the caller reached them, this time with little interference, he was intent on the crew to stop whatever it is the Johnson is asking them to do. Before they could get a clearer idea he realiz
:iconsirbronson:SirBronson 0 0
Voyage of the Dragonqueen: Ghost in the Machine #3
Me? I do this 'cause i'm good at it, and because it's fun, omae

Not entirely trusting Mal, The Crew set out in the early hours in the morning to keep an eye on the hideout of the now deceased rival runners, where he instructed to meet up
before they go make the drop. It turned out that Mal had caught the last missing target and made him an offer he couldn't refuse. He was gonna come with The Crew to make the delivery
and vouch for them to make it appear more legitimate.
It's not that I don't trust you...

The Crew completed the drop without a hitch. Now all that was left was to collect their payment...and decide what to do about the loose thread that they by now
had gotten to know as "Snake". Mal insisted they hand him over so that he can take care of it. Shanghai refused and most of The Crew seemed to be with him.
They headed back to Johnson to get their payment, soon Snake was set free with hi
:iconsirbronson:SirBronson 0 0
Voyage of the Dragonqueen: Ghost in the Machine #2
Modern Day Warrior, Mean, Mean Stride...
The crew met up with Johnson's secondary associate, a runner who introduced himself as Mal. They had a friendly chat at the pub where Mal explained he had been
keeping tabs on the runner team they were tasked to take out. Mal proposed to intercept them early in the morning of the next day as they gathered to commence the delivery, the crew
however insisted to look for a less messy solution. Eventually they settled on the course of action, the crew would go to the hideout to assess the situation and would then contact Mal
to put the rest of the plan into motion since he was the one who had the trojan package in his possession.

Riding out the day's events
The crew arrived at the rival group's hideout at around midnight. After some reconnaissance it became apparent that stealing or swapping the package would be
an unlikely scenario. It resided in
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Voyage of the Dragonqueen: Ghost in the Machine #1

Once upon a time...
It's been one year since the crew of "Dragonqueen" last stood upon it's deck. A reunion is at hand and faces both old and new answer the call.
A word to their trusty Fixer and in no time new job opportunities all but fall in their lap, this time however the situation is most unorthodox.
According to their Fixer, simply putting the word out there that the "Dragonqueen" is back in business had a Johnson all but demanding their services, a returning customer.
A lonely moon
Among the returning crew members was the samurai, Gouma. Curiously enough he declined to join the crew on this job saying the leaves in his tea had predicted a bad omen. When the rest of the crew left to meet with their employer he stayed behind to hold down the fort. He certainly did not seem so caught up in superstition a year ago but much can happen in this line of work to change one's outlook.
And a ra
:iconsirbronson:SirBronson 0 0
Eagle by SirBronson Eagle :iconsirbronson:SirBronson 23 3 The Mystery by SirBronson The Mystery :iconsirbronson:SirBronson 0 0 The Pursuer by SirBronson The Pursuer :iconsirbronson:SirBronson 1 1


DP - York by Alteya DP - York :iconalteya:Alteya 506 44 luffy and doflamingo by SiaKim luffy and doflamingo :iconsiakim:SiaKim 400 8 Lunch break Sketch by AaronGriffinArt Lunch break Sketch :iconaarongriffinart:AaronGriffinArt 1,461 43 Babiru 06 by BABIRU Babiru 06 :iconbabiru:BABIRU 60 2 Hanzo by Artgerm Hanzo :iconartgerm:Artgerm 10,369 193 Sagat vs Dhalsim by biz20 Sagat vs Dhalsim :iconbiz20:biz20 172 7 Foreshortening: How to Go DEEEEEEP! by NemoNova Foreshortening: How to Go DEEEEEEP! :iconnemonova:NemoNova 659 36 Urien Street Fighter V. by viniciusmt2007 Urien Street Fighter V. :iconviniciusmt2007:viniciusmt2007 41 3 BRUSHES by AaronGriffinArt BRUSHES :iconaarongriffinart:AaronGriffinArt 10,417 532 Essential Brush Strokes by pstutorialsws Essential Brush Strokes :iconpstutorialsws:pstutorialsws 1,410 72 Necalli by eiSH Necalli :iconeish:eiSH 8 0 Kumarajiva Costume Design by Gworld Kumarajiva Costume Design :icongworld:Gworld 527 26 Darth Maul sketches by Icecoldart Darth Maul sketches :iconicecoldart:Icecoldart 162 15 Moonbeam City Dazzle by Mezamero Moonbeam City Dazzle :iconmezamero:Mezamero 659 21 Moonbeam City Rad by Mezamero Moonbeam City Rad :iconmezamero:Mezamero 601 17 Doodle by MichaelCTY Doodle :iconmichaelcty:MichaelCTY 207 11


Voyage of the Dragonqueen #1 Cover

Finally decided to not let my memes be dreams and started this as a personal project. I’ve kind been wanting to make a comic for a long while now but I couldn’t really settle on what it was gonna be. 

I mostly had a bunch of half-baked ideas, stories with beginnings and ends and kind of empty space in the middle that I couldn’t figure out to fill, so this seemed like the most feasible option. It’s based somewhat accurately on a Shadowrun campaign I was DMing so the way I see it, it has basically wrote itself already and all that’s left is for me to just do it.

At the time of posting this I’m something close to quarter way through with pencils and inks for it. I figured if I would do this like page a month or something it would just kinda be slow and lame and would have no pacing so I’ll just do it issue per issue. It’s probably gonna take longer for anything of it to come out but at least it will be a coherent thing to read right away. I’ll probably post some WIP snippets from time to time and likely also be drawing some other stuff simultaneously. Overall I think it’s gonna be pretty shit but uuuuhhhhhh…

In case anyone's even still looking at this thing (I barely am) I just wanted to say that I'm taking commissions. All the details are on a lengthy post right over here on my tumblr which you should probably follow if you haven't, I post and browse more on there than here because frankly dA's whole system is kinda cancer. But, yeah, that's the deal.

Commer1 by SirBronson             Commer2 by SirBronson             Commer3 by SirBronson
Glory to Mankind
2017 is gonna have to try real fukken hard to top this game.

Edit: I can't believe I misquoted. Remember kids: always save to a separate file before flattening the image.


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Current Residence: Sweden
Favourite photographer: Artur Dubrovskis
Favourite style of art: digital art
Operating System: Windows 7

Shrek out my trumblr below, I sometimes post unfinished bullshit there unworthy of my prestigious DA page.


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Thought you might be interested sooner or later, here is the journal about it

Greets and a happy pre-christmas time :-)

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